The Oklahoma Showgirls have a variety of sets and props.  With the use of these sets and props the Oklahoma Showgirls can transform any event, bringing it from average to stellar.  Entice party goers with these elaborate sets and props that bring the events’ theme to life before their eyes.  Below there is a list of some of our sets and props, and corresponding photos.  We are not limited to this list and can accommodate to any party’s needs.  To see even more images, check out our gallery.

Stage PolesAerial Rig

 • 6-foot Martini GlassEgyptian Isis Wings (variety of colors)

Mermaid TailsFeather Fans • Cage DancingFurs •

 • Cigarette GirlsBalloon Art • Hula Hoops •

Strolling Tables • Silhouette ScreensClassic Cars