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About Oklahoma Showgirls
The Oklahoma Showgirls are a unique performance group, specializing in atmosphere entertainment and dance revue. With over forty dance styles and hundreds of themed costumes, we can accommodate any event or party.

Our influences include music videos in pop culture and movies over the last 100 years. Teaze Dance & Fitness is the dance studio that houses the Oklahoma Showgirls. Established in 2009, the company was founded on the idea that our state needed more variety of professional entertainment and options for adult dance classes. The dance company draws college dancers and professional dancers currently living in our area and offers jobs in our very small market. Our first professional events in 2009 included performing disco dancing on roller skates for the Young President’s Organization and Can-Can dancing for Heritage Hall School’s Prom. The showgirls are now established as the group that is capable of bringing together any creative-idea event imaginable. Our director, Lynn Crowe-Richardson, has been involved with other entertainers in the dance community for nearly thirty years. Her expertise is valuable to event planners who are searching for entertainers who offer international dance styles and more flamboyant areas of talent.

Oklahoma Showgirls

Oklahoma Showgirls entertaining in a casino

Over a decade, the showgirls have provided entertainment for hundreds of events including national and local television commercials, galas, casinos, and golf and country clubs. The company has expanded its reach to dancing with live bands, mood entertainment for auctions and fundraisers, and appearances in the film Yellow.

During the holidays, the showgirls can be seen at awards ceremonies, corporate events, and private parties. Over the years, we have provided meet and greet Vegas Showgirls at more than 20 of our state’s casinos. Our studio hosts dance showcases every year. In 2014, the company hosted the Oklahoma Pole and Burlesque Expo. The event was a huge success attended by more than 400 people. The Expo’s mission was to bring local talent together to support our community of performers.

We are passionate about the many eras of the showgirl. She is one of the most instantly recognizable icons of modern times, offering an explosive contribution to many forms of popular entertainment. Our company aims to channel the glamour and intrigue of the famous beauties of the past. Many articles have been written about the near extinction of the feathered femmes that once graced the stage of every casino and hotel in Las Vegas and Paris for decades. A new generation of showgirls is in vogue, proving once more that society’s interest is as strong as ever before. The Oklahoma Showgirls create a grand and upscale image at every event.

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